HireHunt Starts Talent Spotlight

HireHunt Starts Talent Spotlight


Let’s be honest: There are just too many job listings out there on the “inter-webs”. One can scroll through these endlessly, applying to as many jobs as humanly possible. As great as that may be for a short-term boost of self-satisfaction, the drawback is that a huge amount of individual talents are overlooked and lost under the piles of faceless CVs.

HireHunt believes in humans. We also believe in bridging the gap between employers and potential employees; so we’ve decided to turn the spotlight onto our brightest talents, by promoting and endorsing our rockstars, wizards, ninjas, weirdos, warriors and magicians to potential employers instead of relying only on job posts. This way, we cut through the digital chatter and allow awesome people to get the exposure and recognition they deserve.


Have a look at this week’s Talent Spotlight

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