Health-conscious, Eco-friendly Workplaces in Egypt that We Love

Health-conscious, Eco-friendly Workplaces in Egypt that We Love


Our mission at HireHunt is to connect companies working on amazing things with the awesome people who will help them get it done. And if we get uber rich in the process, so be it.

More and more young professionals are realizing that aligning their outlook and beliefs with the work they do everyday adds a profound fulfillment to their lives along with the monthly paycheck.

So, in our first list of this kind, we’ll place a spotlight on some Egyptian companies that we believe are health-conscious in the rapidly changing local business scene.


1. Wyld Grass


wyldgrass logo


Wyld Grass is essentially a lifestyle and wellness company. It offers and promotes alternative, simple, fast and affordable solutions to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle for all ages and walks of life. Wyldgrass carries out lots of research and discourse with leading health experts so as to provide a free, socially responsible, educational outlet. You can find articles, recipes, reviews and motivational content on their website that help people to be the best versions of themselves. Wyld Grass topics include: Energy, Mind and Body, Health and Beauty, Baby Care, and Healthy Eating.


“Wyld Grass is made up of individuals who believe there is a healthier way. We pour ourselves into researching the latest studies and information available. We always look for young people who share our passion to change.” – Sarah Hakky, Co-founder of Wyld Grass.

2. Schaduf


schaduf logo


Established in 2011, Schaduf aims to empower and sustain Cairo’s low-income communities through rooftop farming. It also aims to ‘green’ urban and commercial spaces through the lens of sustainability. This is a great catalyst for social and environmental change and also promotes and values the wellbeing of vulnerable communities. Schaduf’s products include rooftop farms, roof gardens and vertical wall gardens, as well as a multitude of eco products and solutions. They frequently use technology to introduce innovations in farming, irrigation, and related services. In their own words: “We lift water, sunshine, and life to barren concrete walls and roofs”.

“If I had to describe the work environment at Schaduf I would say that we are always trying to find ways to bring nature back to the city and our work environment reflects that. It’s a very dynamic place to be in. There is always something new being researched or experimented with. Innovation is something we really pride ourselves on. We work hard and have fun while we do it.” – Sherif Hosny, CEO of Schaduf.

3. Cairo Runners


cairorunners logo


Running in Egypt isn’t the easiest, whether it be the pollution, the dangerous traffic, or the lack of recreational and leisure space. Founder of Cairo Runners, Ibrahim Safwat, had the dream to alleviate this problem and encourage Egyptians to pursue healthier lifestyles. Cairo Runners is the first street running initiative in Cairo, providing the cities residents with weekly ‘mini marathons’ that take place in different neighborhoods. The first run took place on the 14th of December 2012, with more than 60 runners showing up that day. The average number of runners has now reached 2,500 a week. The Cairo Runners family is diverse and varied with organizers being of different ages and athletic backgrounds that are strongly focused on collaboration and teamwork.

4. Nature’s Market


ngs logo


Founded in 2010 by Tarek El Gammal, Nature’s Market aims to create health awareness amongst Egyptians through a large variety and selection of healthy products. Whether you’re craving some delicious, nutritious dips, or want some organic veggies for tonight’s dinner this is the place to check out. Nature’s Market Their products not only promote optimum health, but they are also tasty, nutritious and nourishing. They are locally produced (where available) and are high quality and completely, natural devoid of harmful chemicals. Nature’s Market also helps the local economy and community whilst protecting the environment through sustainability.


“Every day at Nature’s Market is different; new challenges, different people to interact with and new projects to start, which means I’m always learning.” – Norma Medhat, Supply Chain Manager of Nature’s Market.

“Nature’s Market team is a pleasure to work with and people make it enjoyable to come to work.”


Image by: Fatma Aly El Armany

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