Trash Traction: Turn Your Office Waste into Cash With a New Initiative

Trash Traction: Turn Your Office Waste into Cash With a New Initiative


In an effort to encourage and nurture correct recycling habits and trash sorting behaviors; Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, has recently launched a trash-for-cash initiative. The government will be buying trash in the form of plastic bottles, cans and foil, paper and carton, wood, aluminum, and even organic matter.

Here are some initial prices for each of the materials listed above so that you can know what to expect (all prices are per 1 kg):

– Tin = 0.25 L.E                                                                      – Paper and Carton = 0.50 L.E

– Organic Materials = 0.10 L.E                                               – Cans & Foil = 3 L.E

– Plastic Bottles = 1.5 L.E                                                      – Aluminum = 12 L.E

– Wood = 0.20 L.E

By simply investing in a recycling bin for your office, you can use this initiative to your advantage. In addition to being environmentally responsible, you could turn in the bin at the end of every month (or every week if things start smelling funky) and buy yourself a new office plant. A new office board. A new espresso machine (although that might take a whole lot of trash). You could even get an office pet! We know that there is at least one person, at any given time, in any given office, who is extremely excited about the idea of an office pet. Point is, not only does this initiative cost nothing and require no effort, but it is also progressive and environmentally conscious. If you get a little something out of it too then, it’s a win-win.

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