HireHunt powers Dubai Silicon Oasis

HireHunt powers Dubai Silicon Oasis

HireHunt is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (DTEC) in Dubai Silicon Oasis, the largest award-winning technology innovation hub in MENA. HireHunt will be powering the recruitment of the hundreds of SMEs and startups from 70 countries around the world who are part of DTEC and Silicon Oasis.

HireHunt will power all DTEC companies with AI-powered Automated Screening Solutions and a shared talent pool to help them have a competitive advantage in the challenging Dubai talent market.

Recruitment is one of the main concerns of any company, no matter the size. Since DTEC already offers multiple support systems for companies in DSOA, HireHunt will provide a white-labeled recruitment solution for DTEC to provide the recruitment support for its members companies. This includes offering a monthly subscription to have access to a shared talent pool of candidates, the screening and matching technology (assessments, questions, etc.) and a Careers Site where they can host their vacancies and tell their employer brand story.

“As we strive towards providing our Silicon Oasis companies with the strongest support to succeed, we are excited to enhance their hiring with unique recruitment technologies that enable companies to attract and hire the best talents fast, powered by HireHunt technologies.” – Hans Henrik Christensen, Vice President DTEC

HireHunt’s new solution offers employers the ability to do less time-consuming tasks as it can automate up to 70% of the usual screening tasks including matching candidates to jobs, generating questions, assessing applicants online and even shortlisting and scheduling interviews via chatbot.

Read more about all the HireHunt features here.

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