Introducing the New HireHunt

Introducing the New HireHunt

So what’s new?


HireHunt’s latest solution provides automated screening tools to improve your hiring process and attract the right calibers.

Let HireHunt highlight relevant talents from thousands of CVs sent to you, instantly generate interactive assessments, shortlist applicants and schedule interviews so you can focus on what matters: the people.

With HireHunt, you do less and hire faster.

More efficiency, less bias and a better applicant experience for your next hires.

To coincide with this release we are happy to announce partnerships with Microsoft 4Afrika and Silicon Oasis Dubai to power the hiring of over 1500 companies in the next few months in the MENA region.

But what about the job-seekers on HireHunt and the talent platform?

Glad you asked 🙂

We believe recruitment success in 2019 and beyond is all about ‘process’ not ‘access’.

There is already an abundance of access to talents.

We felt there was a fundamental problem in the mechanics of job boards that needed a new approach to fix, despite being extremely lucrative and alluring to just sell access to CVs. We came to the conclusion after several years that for the talent matching platform to be successfully aligned with our vision, we cannot profit from it directly like a traditional job board.

SO…we decided to introduce ‘TOP TALENTS, powered by HireHunt’.

It’s a way for talents to build their interactive profile and rank higher in the lists, which rank based on many factors of their job hunt including level of responsiveness and positive interactions, not just experience and skill assessments.

Employers do not have to pay or even sign up to request access to candidate’s CV’s.

We are currently piloting this in Egypt with more countries rolling out soon.

So employers don’t pay anything to access talent??!

Yes, any employer can request access to any CV on the platform, for free.

You do not have to have an active HireHunt subscription or pay for any unlocks.

Once the verification team and the candidate approve your request, you get the full CV sent to you by email, as simple as that. No charge if you hire them or anything.

We believe that we should not be another barrier to prevent employers from reaching talent, especially since having a good CV does not in any way guarantee you a hire or even an interview.

Instead, we are fully aligned with our mission and vision and if organizations discover HireHunt through this door and subscribe to improve their full screening process then that would be great too and everyone wins 🙂

So what’s included in HireHunt subscriptions?

HireHunt provides monthly subscriptions for recruiters and employers to screen talent faster and more efficiently using an easy to use online solution.

It’s the easiest and most effective digital transformation you can provide for your recruitment process, right now.

Join recruiters and employers in over 9 countries who use HireHunt to increase their effectiveness in filling positions faster.

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