HireHunt Partners with Microsoft 4Afrika

HireHunt Partners with Microsoft 4Afrika

HireHunt is thrilled to announce its partnership with Microsoft. The partnership provides resources from the Microsoft sales team to provide qualified leads from their network to grow business for HireHunt, as well as providing go-to market assistance through their consultants and network of partners.

Microsoft 4Arika’s country head of partnerships Sherif Aziz said:

“As we strive with our customers towards digital transformation, HireHunt makes that possible on a recruitment level, a clear example of how technology can enable companies to hunt for the best most suitable talents. Microsoft 4Afrika is very excited to partner with HireHunt where we will support them on both technical and business level.”

This partnership is in line with HireHunt’s current plan for regional expansion. HireHunt’s screening system and technology helped screen over 100,000 applications in 8 countries in the past 3 months.

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