Attracting the right calibers to apply


Gone are the days when recruitment was an administrative task. Post an ad, get applicants, make a hire.

In 2019, the talent market is getting more and more competitive. Companies are more demanding and the new generation of job seekers have more options, are more discerning and are used to be marketed to since they were children.

As such, the most successful headhunters think like marketers. For every role, the have an ideal profile persona and they build a customized funnel to attract and convert that prospect.

It starts with telling the story of the opportunity and aligning the narrative of your ideal calibers with the narrative of the organization.

Quality applicants have choices. Your careers site needs to answer the question every candidate will be thinking: “Why should I work for you?”

Customizing your Careers Site

When you sign up to HireHunt, you have a Careers Site to tell your story and display your jobs.

You can completely customize the appearance of the page using our Live Edit interface and add videos, photos, etc.

Making applications attractive

You can add video to your job application and information about the stages of the screening process. By providing this transparency, you are increasing conversions as the path ahead becomes clear and exciting.

Also, by providing information on the salary, location and other factors that candidates consider you are removing friction points and attracting the highest amounts of quality calibers to apply.