Recruitment Efficiency


The world of recruitment is getting noisier and the high quality calibers are a shrinking talent pool.

Therefore, the one who reaches them faster, wins.

If you are spending a large portion of your days manually reviewing every CV you receive, phone screening, interviewing the wrong people and sending shortlists that come back rejected, then you need to optimise your process.

HireHunt provides the following tools to help you do just that:


Auto-replies and auto-reject messages

Interactive assessments

Sharing shortlists for quick feedback

Monitor efficiency KPIs

These tools directly impact your recruitment metrics such as ‘Time to hire’ and ‘Quality of hire’.

The idea is to go from CVs, to relevant shortlists, to qualified finalists with ease. HireHunt can automate most of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks so you can focus on “closing” the most qualified talent before your competition does.