Screening qualified applicants


Just because someone says that they’re qualified, doesn’t mean they are. And just because someone is incredibly relevant, doesn’t mean they should be hired on the spot.

There are many complicated factors to filling positions with the right people, depending on the role, the company culture, the offer, etc.

At the end of the day, nothing replaces the ‘face to face’ interview, but HireHunt will help you get to the great interviews faster by cutting through the noise.

Think of HireHunt’s online applications like the ‘swiss army knife’ of screening tools.

Every application experience can be completely customized to help you get the right balance of conversions (completed applications) and insights (things you know about the applicant to help you make a decision).

The right balance between conversions and insights is an art and a science. Too many difficult questions, and fewer people will apply. Too few questions, then many will apply but you will have little to judge based on.

So here we will introduce you to some concepts to help you reach that perfect balance for every job. These are the elements that can be added to any application:

  • Profile Info (Name, Age, CV, Location, etc.)
  • Questions (with several options of responses)
  • Assessment (randomized MCQ to test a skill)
  • Assignment (sample project to be sent by email later)

Adding new questions

Create a new job or right click on a job that you have created and select ‘Edit’ to go to the Edit Job page. In the left hand menu there is a section called ‘Questions’, click that.

Click on the big plus sign to add a new question.

The prompt is the question that will be asked.

The types of responses you can choose from:

  • Written answer
  • Select from choices
  • Voice recording
  • File upload
  • Date selection

For each response, you may select extra settings that are relevant to that response, such as minimum characters or choices, time limit, etc.

You can also optionally attach an image, description or video to that question.

Choosing from the question bank

HireHunt provides hundreds of the most standard interview questions that you can instantly add to your application, tagged in categories like ‘Creativity’ and ‘Professional character’.

To browse just select the ‘question bank’ icon as shown:

Adding an assessment

HireHunt provides assessments for many common skills like English Language, Coding skills, etc.

By adding an assessment, a randomized, timed set of questions to test that skill will be added automatically to your job application.

To select from available relevant assessments you select the option menu from the ‘add question’ button and then select ‘Add an assessment’.

Adding an assignment

Assignments allow you to test the candidate on a bigger scale with a min-project, which they then send by email within 24 hours. Once they send the assignment, the file will show up in their application normally as if they had uploaded it.

To add an assignment select ‘Add an assignment’ from the menu of the ‘add question’ button and then write the prompt of the assignment which will appear to the user.

Previewing your job application

At any time you can save and preview the application by clicking ‘Preview Application’ below the left side menu. This will show you exactly what the applicant will experience when they apply to your job.

Finalists section

In order to increase conversions, some recruiter find it useful to break their application into stages. The first stage can contain they basic questions to help knockout the irrelevant candidates and the second stage in the Finalist section can contain tougher questions and assessments to help rank the most qualified.

By diving the application like this, it gives a better applicant experience and more motivation for selected finalists to invest time with tougher applications since they feel a sense of achievement from being selected as a finalist.

To add questions for finalists, select the ‘Finalists’ section from the left side menu.

Once you start receiving applicants for your job, you can select finalists as described here.

Timer setting

You can add some pressure to any question by adding a timer with a specific timeframe. When the timer ends the question will be closed and unable to be opened again, and if the applicant answers before the timer finishes they can get a speed bonus.

Knockout setting

Knockout questions help you automatically eliminate applicants who do not have a key requirement for the role.

In multiple choice questions, you can select ‘Knockout’ from the settings tab when editing a question.

This will cause the applicants who select the wrong answer to be immediately rejected. A use case of this is for example, if the position is ‘outdoor sales representative’ and a core requirement is that they own a car.

So you add a question with the prompt ‘Do you own your own car?’ and add ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as the choices. Select ‘Yes’ as the correct answer by clicking on the bullet in front of the choice, then select ‘knockout’ from the settings.

You can further automate the responses by going to the ‘Setttings’ section and writing the ‘Auto-reject message’ that will be sent to those applicants who answer Knockout questions incorrectly.

Match Qualifier setting

When HireHunt determines a ‘match’ for a job, it takes into consideration:

  • Relevancy score
  • Age
  • Location

To include insights gained from your job application, you can select ‘qualifier’ in the settings of any multiple choice question. This will tell HireHunt to only consider those who have answered this question correctly as a match, in combination with the above factors.

Optional VS required answers

You can choose if the question is optional or required by selecting from the question menu.