Searching your talents


Every CV sent to your email and every applicant that completes on of your online job applications becomes part of your searchable talent database on HireHunt.

1. Select ‘Search’ from the left side menu of your homepage

Finding the right people at the right time is at the core of how HireHunt helps you fill positions. The HireHunt search contains these elements:

  • Boolean search string
  • Limit by Field
  • Limit by level of experience
  • Limit by Location
  • Extra filters

2. Using basic search keywords

When using simple keywords like: web developer javascript HireHunt will search for your talents match any of the included keywords in your search and order them by relevancy. That means any profile containing “javascript”, “web” or “developer” will show up in the results.

3. Using Boolean search strings

To use boolean search strings to be more specific you can use quotations and brackets with phrases “and” and “or” to try something like:

“web developer” and (“Javascript” or “server”)

This tells HireHunt to find all talents containing the full term “web developer” and either containing Javascript or Server in their profiles.

4. Using extra filters

You can fine-tune your results with a combination of extra filters which feature:

  • Level of relevancy
  • Relevancy to a particular job
  • If they had applied to a particular job
  • Their current application status (New, Reviewed, Interviewed, Rejected, etc.)
  • The source they came from
  • The date of their application
  • Belonging to a particular saved group